RootsTech is coming! RootsTech is coming!


RootsTech is coming… and it’s still FREE and ONLINE!

For those of you that know what RootsTech is, you’ll definitely want to sign up as soon as possible and get ready for another rousing session of all things Genealogical!

Sign up for free:

For those that are not aware of RootsTech… mosey on over to last years article on what RootsTech is all about.

RootsTech is “The world’s largest celebration of family has gone virtual! Explore 1,000+ breakout sessions across eight different tracks. All in your browser and on-demand.” All you need to do is to register and you’ll have access to all of the courses offered, starting March 3-5, 2022. Last year they kept the sessions available for 1 year after the event. I assume they’ll do the same this year.

Click here to sign up:

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