Rules of Submission

– Does it cost anything to submit an article?


Can I submit more than one article?


– How do I Register so I can submit articles?

See Register under the FAQ menu item.

– Do I get paid for submissions?

Not at this time.

– Will Seekerz accept articles that have already been published?

No. Seekerz is looking for original content. You agree and certify that your articles are original to yourself and have not been published anywhere else before posting to our site.

– How long will it take for my article to be published after posting?

Due to time constraints, please allow 1-2 weeks after the article has been submitted for publishing.

– Must the article be authored by me?

Yes. You certify that the article submitted by you is of your own making and has not been published or copyrighted by anyone else. You retain the copyright to your work, but you authorize Seekerz to include it as part of one of more collections of articles and / or of other works. Seekerz will retain the copyright to the collection and you the copyright to the individual article.

– What length of articles are you looking for?

Seekerz is looking for original content of 1-3 pages in length. Get to the point and stop. If you are addressing a large topic, you may continue the discussion on a follow up submission, but please indicate the continuance in the title of the next submission to avoid confusion by the reader.

– What topics are you looking for?

Seekerz is looking for: 1) articles of human interest in the Family History area, 2) educational materials, meaning those that instruct students in specific areas of Family History, 3) entertainment and 4) announcements of public interest (news) dealing with Family History.

– Will articles be posted immediately or reviewed first?

All articles will be reviewed before publishing.

– Will my posting be accepted?

Seekerz retains the right to refuse the publishing articles for any reason. However it is in our best interest to publish wholesome and informative articles that further the effort of the discovery of truth in Family History. Seekerz is a Family Values site. We invite the submission TRUE historic facts, but not not material that ENCOURAGES illegal. unethical or immoral acts. If you have a story written by an ancestor, or someone else, and would like to share it, please feel free to do so on another website, such as FamilySearch,, etc. We are looking for original content.

– Can I advertise on this site?

Not at this time.

The articles you submit must not have advertisements in them.
However, you can provide a link at the bottom of your article pointing to your personal website if the site linked to does not contain illegal, unethical or immoral content. Children will be using our website and we do not want them to run the risk of clicking through to the above kinds of materials.
Be aware that you are responsible for any viruses or other issues created for users that click through to your website. Seekerz will not be responsible for your site.

– What else should I be aware of?

When submitting articles for publishing you certify that you have read the Submission Policy and agree to abide by its rules. The policy can be found at the bottom of the Home Page.

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