When we think of cemeteries, we think of ghosts, goblins, zombies, and most terrifying of all… Genealogists!

  • Q: When should you do genealogy?
  • A: When you are fixing your heir.

  • Q: How should you do genealogy?
  • A: Better than you did it last time.

  • Q: What is genealogy?
  • A: The study of wacky families, yours included.

  • I have half a mind to quit doing genealogy. It’s the left logical side of my brain. The other side knows I wouldn’t be in my right mind if I did.

  • Q: How serious is death?
  • A: It has grave consequences.

  • Q: When is your Family Tree not yours?
  • A: When it’s someone else’s, but you just haven’t figured that out yet

  • Q: How long should you do Family History?
  • A: Until death do you part.

  • Q: When should you start doing genealogy?
  • A: When your ancestors finally get you to realize they’re important too.

  • Q:When is the best time to do Family History?
  • A: At the time it happens. If you wait, sometimes you … now what was I talking about?

  • Q: Why should you do Genealogy?
  • A: You really don’t know who you are until you find the other nuts on your family tree.

  • Q: How do you speak Family History?
  • A: With Family Group Sheets, and Pedigree Charts, and Descendant Charts, Oh My!

  • Be kind to your ancestors. They’re a dying breed.

  • How much treasure have you stored in your Genealogy Bank?
  • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

  • The DNA is strong with this one…

  • We lay the dead in graves.
  • We lay records about them in Archives.
  • But later on we lay an egg when we find out what they’ve done.

  • Genealogy: One giant step backwards for all mankind.

  • Gravestone:
  • Ima Genealogist
  • “Going underground to find them”

  • Don’t let your ancestors down… unless of course they need to be buried.

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