2020.09.01 – Another Random Thought from a Grumpy Old Man


The Corona Virus has had an impact on my life. I still go to work, but have cut back, not out of fear, but as an excuse to pursue other adventures. The downside is, I have more free time, and sometimes I get bored. One can’t pursue greatness 100% of the time.

When I get bored, my mind tends to wander. Sometimes, it goes to wild and wondrous places and sometimes, well, not so much.

I was thinking, how do you talk to your Kids, Grand Kids, and in my case, my Great Grand Kids? How do you set them down and MAKE them listen? A ten-year-old has better things to do than to have a Grumpy Old Man lecture them about his past.

This is where a “Random Thought” smacked me up the side of my head. Advertisers always have a “HOOK.” Something that grabs one’s attention.

How do you capture a ten-year old’s attention?

Well, how about saying “Did I ever tell you about the time I <fill in the blank>? For example, did I ever tell you about the time I swam with the sharks?

Or did you know that your Grandmother once was a <fill in the blank>? For example, did you know that your Grandmother once was a pilot, or a rocket scientist, or maybe a professional softball player?

If you are like me, our attention spans are short. A ten-year old’s is even shorter when listening to a Grumpy Old Man like me tell stories. So keep it short.

I have a unique situation. I get to take my Great Granddaughter to Gymnastics every Monday. She is a captive audience for ten minutes coming and going.

I can tell her about swimming with sharks (I have more than a few of those stories), or dancing ballet, or other interesting highlights of my life.  Can you think of a time you can set aside when you can hang out with them? Ten minutes or less, or what ever other time you can squeeze in, just a time to let them know of your many adventures. It will all become important to them later on.

We all have adventures.  At seventy, fifty, forty, or even at thirty, we have lived a life our children will only know through the stories we tell or write.  We owe it to our children to take the time. Ten minutes to inspire, to educate, and entertain, making us immortal in the memories of our children, their children, and beyond.

Just Another Random Thought from a Grumpy Old Man!

Pat Smart

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