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Family History Terms

AbstractA document that contains information extracted from an original document. It contains information on the date of the record, names, relationships, and etc.
AdministrationAn action used by a court to settle the estate of a person who has no executor, or no will to administer the estate.
AffidavitA statement made under oath, either written or oral.
AnnotationAnnotations are used in genealogical research to provide proofs of research performed and support of statements and conclusions made. They are normally in the form of footnotes, but may also be included in the main text of the document.
AntebellumReferring to occurrences previous to the Civil War of the United States.
BannsAn announcement of the intention to marry.
BannsA binding agreement to fulfill the requirements set forth in the document or suffer the penalties involved. Used with marriage, land, and court records by estate executors, grooms and guardians.
BoundsThe physical boundaries or limits of a piece of land, wither natural or man-made.
Collateral LineA family line connecting into a common ancestor, but not associated with the person of interest until reaching the common ancestor.
Court proceedingsA recording of the events that take place in a court.
DeedA document that record the possession of property, normally land.
Double datingWriting a date in both Julian and Gregorian formats. Not all countries converted to Gregorian at the same time and double dating translated Julian to Gregorian in explanation.
EncumbranceA liability placed on a property as a claim against it.
EnumerationA count of the population, such as in a census.
GrantorPerson giving or granting property.
ImmigrationMoving into a country. (See also Emigration.)
IntestateSomeone who died without a will.
KnaveMale servant child.
LesseeSomeone that leases property from others.
LienA claim or encumbrance on property for money owed.
MajorSomeone having reached legal age.
Metes and boundsA means of surveying property using applicable measuring methods and topographical features.
Mortality scheduleCensus schedule of people who died during the census year.
NameAn identifier given at birth.
Naturalization recordsDocumentation showing proof that a person was able to gain citizenship.
NeeDenotes birth, as in a woman’s maiden name.
Nuncupative willAn Oral will attested to by a sufficient number of witnesses.
PaleographyThe study of handwriting.
Parish ChurchMany parishes have a church building as its central location and repository of records.
PatentA document showing proprietary control of specific possessions. Can be intellectual property or land.
PensionBenefit paid for service in the military.
PensionerPerson receiving pension benefits.
Poll taxA tax levied on families by head of household as a substitute for land ownership and required for voting.
Power of attorneyDocument appointing a person as another person’s agent and authorizing them to act in their behalf.
ProbateThe action or process of proving that a will is genuine.
Quit rent rollList of those paying an annual fee to the King to live on and farm property in Virginia.
Quitclaim deedDocument giving up all claims to property without needing to guarantee clear title.
Ship Passenger ListsA list of passengers on a particular voyage normally having minimal information.
Sic“Thus”. Indicates that although the info is copied exactly as the original stated, there may be a mistake.
TownshipA populated area of land with six miles on each side.
TranscribeTo make a full copy of an oral or written work.
TrustA legal document showing ownership of property on behalf of others.
Unprobated willA will that has not gone through the probate process.
Unsolemn willA will where an executor has not been named.
Writ of attachmentCourt order seizing property to cover court costs for not appearing in court.
Writ of summonsDocument starting a civil proceeding for damages resulting from a breach in contractual terms. It orders a person to appear in court.


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