2020.10.04 – Special Report – Liver and Gall Bladder cleanse


We don’t normally include material outside the boundaries of arena of Family History. However, I am aware of several people that have saved themselves from having gall bladder operations, including two of my own family, by using the following cleanse. We are not physicians, and cannot prescribe any medical treatments. If you have any questions, check with your doctor before using.

Note that the diet includes grapefruit juice, which has the potential to block the effectiveness of some medications. So check to see if this is true of medications you are currently taking before using, as it will be at your own risk.

The cleanse was created by Walt Turley, whose wife had severe problems with gall stones. He researched multiple solutions on the internet and created his own cleanse, which turns out to be more effective than most out there. Walt is willing to share with all, so feel free to let others know about it.

We do not envision many articles like the following, but wanted to share this one because of personal and positive experience with it. And yes, I have used it myself with good results.

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