Welcome to our collection of buttons.
Buttons come in different varieties, from Pins to Fridge Magnets to Coasters.
They also come in different sizes, from 1 1/2 in, to 2 1/4 in, to 3 1/2 in.

To see a drawing of the different sizes please see https://www.seekerz.net/sizing/.
To view our buttons with great looking pictures and sayings see https://www.seekerz.net/pictures/.

The prices listed on each of the buttons are for quantities of from 1 to 12. Discounts for higher levels of quantities are also available by request. Sent requests to service@seekerz.net. Let us know what your requirements are and we’ll send you a quote.

For example:

Select the Type, Size, and Price in the drop down box, then click on the picture of the button and it will take you to the order form.

Select Type, Size, and Price first

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