2021.11.10 – Through Ancestors Eyes


Through Ancestors’ Eyes
By D. E. Lee
Copyright (c), 1998

The past is not as dry as it seems,
     when seen through ancestors' eyes,
When viewing battles and events,
     their knowledge may be wise,

For history comes alive when seen,
     from diaries, journals and such,
By those who shared their daily lives,
     by writing in their hutch,

Though writing may be crude and rough,
     the feelings they had are true,
And things they've felt are much more strong,
     because they're related to you,

The things you'll find you didn't know,
     will surprise you as you read,
You'll find that others made it through,
     the same tests that you heed,

And realizing that you can endure,
     much more than you now think,
You'll find that greatness comes from those,
     who never give up or sink,

For life, it comes in ups and downs,
     like waves on seas of gold,
And when you're up and all is well,
     it's easy to be courageous and bold,

But when you're down and all is dark,
     no light around to seek,
It's much more difficult to believe,
     the wave will ever peak,

But then you think of times gone by,
     of those that made your life,
And remember they had the same to do,
     through hardships and toil and strife,

Then courage and hope and faith renew,
     because of what they did,
You then believe you'll make it through;
     on life you'll make your bid,

And when at last you peak again,
     and life is well and good,
You'll see that it was all worthwhile;
     you did all that you could.

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