2022.08.10 – Gotta have fun


Gotta have fun
By Dale E. Lee

Part of moving Family History projects forward is that you need to have fun doing it. If you’re not having fun, you’re probably not doing it.

The following is an attempt to bring in some humor.

Please note that these jokes are original, so I apologize in advance if they don’t tickle your funny bone as much as others you’ve heard. Also note that though I did not attempt to imitate other jokes, it is entirely possible that some of them are similar.

When we think of cemeteries, we think of ghosts, goblins, zombies, and most terrifying of all… Genealogists!
Q: How should you do genealogy?
A: Better than you did it last time.
Q: What is genealogy?
A: The study of wacky families, yours included.
I have half a mind to quit doing genealogy. It’s the left “logical” side of my brain. The other side knows I wouldn’t be in my right mind if I did.
Q: How serious is death?
A: It has grave consequences.
Q: When is your Family Tree not yours?
A: When it’s someone else’s, but you just haven’t figured that out yet.
Q: How long should you do Family History?
A: Until death do you part.
Q: When should you start doing genealogy?
A: When your ancestors finally get you to realize they’re important too.
Q:When is the best time to do Family History?
A: At the time it happens. If you wait, sometimes you … now what was I talking about?
Q: Why should you do Genealogy?
A: You really don’t know who you are until you find the other nuts in your family tree.
Q: How do you speak Family History?
A: With Family Group Sheets, and Pedigree Charts, and Descendant Charts, Oh My!
Be kind to your ancestors. They’re a dying breed.
How much treasure have you stored in your Genealogy Bank?
Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
The DNA is strong with this one…
We lay the dead in graves.
We lay records about them in Archives.
But later on we lay an egg when we find out what they’ve done.
Genealogy: One giant step backwards for all mankind.
Ima Genealogist
“Going underground to find them”.
Don’t let your ancestors down… unless of course they need to be buried.

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