2022.08.24 – Intro to Family History is coming!


Intro to Family History is coming
By Dale E. Lee

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Seekerz LLC will be soon offering an Intro to Family History Course. The course has been developed and is currently in beta testing with live participants.

One of the most difficult things to deal with in Family History is to know where to start. Most mistakenly jump in the deep end of the Family History pool and quickly get overwhelmed. As I was discussing this issue with a friend, he mentioned that what he really needed was a step by step guide to help him get up to speed. He’d already tried going to a Family History library, but had given up because of all the amount of detail that was thrown at him.

So I decided to develop the Seekerz Coursez – Intro to Family History. So far I’m having positive results from those taking the class and hope to be able to continue to get positive feedback. It is my desire to make the course as clear and concise as possible, but it does take effort. Currently the course is being offered in a 12 week format with self-assigned homework. Completing the course should give you a good framework to understand most of the different facets of Family History and where to look to find answers to your genealogical questions. It is a framework you can use to build on for further investigation into additional areas of genealogical knowledge. Completion of the course comes with a Certificate of Completion.

To get a preview, you can go to http://www.seekerz.net/ and click on the button at the top of the page containing the coat of arms. Doing so will download The Roadmap to Family History pdf which contains the course outline.

I hope to be offering it at an early bird discount sometime soon!

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