2020.09.18 – What is RootsTech?

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Summary: What is it? What’s different this year? What’s in it for me? What topics will they be discussing? What kinds of other activities will they have? Sign up Detail: What is it? According to Wikipedia: “RootsTech is a family history and technology conference and trade show held annually in the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2017 it claimed to be the world’s largest family-history technology conference.[1] It is the successor to three former conferences[2]: the Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy,[3] the Family History Technology Workshop[4] and the FamilySearch Developers Conference.[5]. Over the years, […]

2020.09.05 – RootsTech 2021 is FREE!


Jen Allen, director of events at FamilySearch stated that RootsTech Connect will take place live online on February 25-27, 2021. It will be an entirely Virtual and entirely Free Conference. You can see the announcement at: https://www.rootstech.org/blog/rootstech-is-coming-to-you?lang=eng&et_cid=1777253&et_rid=105795865&linkid=blog&cid=em-rt-9873 There is a link in the article above under “What’s Included?” that will allow you to register for the event. The registration is quick and simple, and allows you to receive emails with further information about the event. You can also sign up using using the following link, which provides more information about the event: https://www.rootstech.org/?lang=eng&et_cid=1777253&et_rid=105795865&linkid=MainCTA&cid=em-rt-9873 So if you ever wanted to go […]

2020.06.26 – Death, it is not final


The following poem was written for the passing of a relative on Father’s Day. Death, it is not finalBy D.E. Lee © 2020 We think of death, and mourn those past, Holding to memories, and keeping them fast, But Death is not permanent, nor will it last, It is but a beginning, in time which is vast, Though hard for us, to comprehend, The finality of death, will come to an end, The dividing called death, of body and spirit, For a time apart, but never fear it, We will again, both reunite, Our body and spirit, in their might, […]

Remember the Fallen!


Don’t let the fallen be forgotten! With record numbers overwhelming the healthcare systems of the world due to the Coronavirus, they can fall through the cracks. If we’re not careful, their records will be forgotten in the rush to protect the living.

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Seekerz.net is continuously improving and looking for ways to better help you. We have added a Vision Statement under the About Sub-Menu to let you know what we’re about, and what we want to accomplish in the future. Come grow with us and let us know how we can improve.

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Keep on Trucking


By Dale E. Lee When you get the Genealogy Bug, you can’t put things down, and you want to do more and more to find your ancestors. It becomes interesting and exciting. But to get the Genealogy Bug, you have to put in some time and effort. There is a learning curve involved. You just need to get through it. If you’re just starting and feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t get discouraged! If you get on a project that seems overwhelming, if you just keep at it, at first, it seems hard, then as you learn more about it, the […]

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