2023.10.07 – FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2024


FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2024
Submitted by Dale E. Lee

They’re Back!!

FamilySearch has announced that RootsTech 2024 is now open for Early Registration!

RootsTech is the largest Family History Conference in the World, and it’s back again this year!

This time (2024) they again have both On-line (Free) AND In-person ($69 to $99) sessions depending on the number of days attended.

RootsTech’s trending topics are:

  • Women/Mothers in Genealogy
  • DNA
  • FamilySearch experiences
  • Regional heritage around the world (Thai, Khmer, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.)
  • This Year’s Sessions offered
  • On-Demand Library
  • Last Year’s Sessions and Past Keynote Speakers
  • Among other things

This year’s Main Stage Keynote Speakers will be: 1) Jordin Sparks, 2) Me Ra Koh, 3) Sean Astin, and 4) Encanto’s Adassa, Chad Truman and One Voice Children’s Choir in an inspiring finale.

RootsTech offers specialized training different areas of the world, including Africa, Pacific Area, Philippines, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa.

You can Preview the classes that will be offered (2024): Click Class Preview.

To Register, click Register Now .

And sign up for updates and announcements click Subscribe for Updates.

RootsTech On-Demand Library contains “more than 1,500 sessions on 185 topics in over 30 languages.” This amounts to about 1,134 different speakers. Talk about training!!

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