2021.11.03 – My Ancestor’s Letter


My Ancestor’s Letter
By D. E. Lee
Copyright (c), 2004

My ancestor wrote me a letter,
     'Lo these many years,
Something to remember him by,
     Throughout this veil of tears,

He told me of his earth life here,
     Of things he truly sought,
He told me of his heart aches then,
     And what he really thought,

And though it wasn't directly to me,
     He had my welfare in mind,
He wrote the letter thoughtfully,
     With words so very kind,

He spoke of challenges I'd come across,
     And how to meet them well,
And pointed out a safer path,
     A better way to dwell,

He wrote of many things and when,
     His tale was fully told,
It made me feel that I could cope,
     That I could be as bold,

And then he bid me pass it on,
     That others might too receive,
The blessing of a faithful past,
     And something to believe.

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