2020.09.18 – What is RootsTech?

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  • What is it?
  • What’s different this year?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What topics will they be discussing?
  • What kinds of other activities will they have?
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What is it?

According to Wikipedia:

“RootsTech is a family history and technology conference and trade show held annually in the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2017 it claimed to be the world’s largest family-history technology conference.[1] It is the successor to three former conferences[2]: the Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy,[3] the Family History Technology Workshop[4] and the FamilySearch Developers Conference.[5]. Over the years, RootsTech has welcomed a number of celebrities, television personalities, and actors as keynote speakers.”

  • “Genre Family history and technology, genealogy
  • Venue Salt Palace Convention Center
  • Location(s) Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Country United States
  • Inaugurated 2011
  • Attendance 28,000 (2018)
  • Organized by FamilySearch International
  • Website www.rootstech.org”

What’s different this year?

RootsTech 2021 will be virtual and free.

Jen Allen, director of events at FamilySearch, stated that RootsTech Connect would take place live online on February 25-27, 2021. It will be an entirely Virtual and entirely Free Conference.

In her link, she explains:

“Why Virtual?

Good question. There are a few reasons we’re pivoting to an online conference format:

One reason, as you know, is because live events are currently being forced to adapt and change. While we do anticipate being able to gather again physically in the future, we feel that hosting next year’s event online is the safest and most responsible action.

Secondly, the ability to create a virtual conference means that we have the opportunity to truly make this a global event. For the last ten years, RootsTech has attracted tens of thousands of people from all over the world, and many of you have found family members or connected with long-lost cousins. Imagine how many people will now be able to participate in RootsTech without the barrier of travel or lodging. This is what gets me excited. We are focused on creating a true global event—meaning we’ll have content taught by presenters from all over the world, and many of the classes will be available in multiple languages. We’ll have an even greater number of companies to learn from in our virtual expo hall—from all over the world as well.

Finally, making the decision to transition to a fully online event means that we can put all of our time and resources together to create an unforgettable experience for you. I’m not going to lie, I’m extremely sad I won’t get to see so many of you at the Salt Palace next year. That’s always one of the highlights of my year. However, I’m equally as excited for this opportunity to digitally gather with you and celebrate family connections, culture, and heritage.”


What’s in it for me?

Actually, quite a lot, but it depends on what you want.

Jennifer Weaver 9/3/2020 from 2KUTV describes it as:

“RootsTech Connect 2021 will feature a variety of keynote speakers, dozens of classes in multiple languages and a virtual marketplace. Throughout the three-day online event, attendees will have the ability to interact with presenters, exhibitors and other attendees through live chat and Q&A sessions.

“Classes will be taught in many languages, and presenters will teach from a number of international locations,” said Rockwood in a news release. “We will celebrate cultures and traditions from around the world, with activities that the audience can participate in from home — such as homeland cooking demonstrations, storytelling and music performances. This is one virtual event you won’t want to miss.”

RootsTech Connect 2021 will offer a combination of both livestream and on-demand content to accommodate differences in time zones for participants. In addition, sessions will be available to view on-demand after the event concludes.”


What topics will they be discussing?

We are still 5 months out from the event, and I’m sure they are solidifying the venue. However, in the past, they have addressed the following topics:

What kinds of other activities will they have?

This year they plan to have

  • Celebrity Keynote Speakers
  • Classes in multiple languages
  • A Virtual Marketplace where innovations can be shared
  • Cultural activities
  • Games and cultural celebrations for youth
  • Ways to connect around the world: message boards, apps, social media, and video chats
  • Virtual Recordings will be available year-round after the event

Sign up

Tips and hints on how do to research can save you a lot of time and frustration.

So if you’re interested in joining a World-Class Family History event, you can do so now without the travel and lodging expense, right in your own home. What could be better?


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