2023.10.11 – The Grumpy Old Man on Seekerz Training


By Pat Smart,
Copyright (c), 2023

The Grumpy Old Man’s thoughts on Seekerz Training, specifically, the Seekerz Intro to Family History: Beginners step by step guide to Proficiency in Genealogy course.

Ah, family history! A tapestry woven with threads of distant relatives, surprising connections, and perhaps a few skeletons in the closet, just for good measure. But where does one begin to unravel such the complex, intertwined web? Fear not, for the Grumpy Old Man is here to talk with you about a book, Seekerz Intro to Family History that promises to light the path through the labyrinthine world of genealogy, all while keeping the journey light-hearted and thoroughly enjoyable.

Imagine embarking on a journey where every step, from the hesitant first to the triumphant last, is meticulously guided, ensuring that the path from novice to seasoned genealogist is straightforward and remarkably fun.

With its rapid evolutions and seemingly endless resources, the family history arena can indeed appear daunting to newcomers. But what if there was a way to simplify it all? To break it down into digestible, straightforward lessons that take you from zero to hero in the genealogy world without assuming prior knowledge or the use of specific tools?

With its twelve simplified lessons, this book promises to do just that, guiding readers step-by-step through the vast landscape of family history and helping them construct a sturdy framework to understand, explore, and build upon their newfound knowledge in the future.

From understanding where to initiate your journey, navigating through the collection of information, organizing your findings, selecting the right tools, mastering the art of research, and deciphering the mysteries of DNA, this book covers it all. And the best part? It promises to do so with a blend of theory and practical knowledge, ensuring that learning is retained and applied.

But wait, there’s more! The Grumpy Old Man wouldn’t recommend something that doesn’t come with a few extra treats. The book includes sources, tools, projects, and terms to aid your journey further. And to ensure that the process is as enjoyable as it is educational, you’ll find mindsets to adopt, fun puzzles to solve, bonus materials to explore, and yes, a few Dad jokes to chuckle over because, after all, what’s a journey through family history without a few good laughs along the way?

So, embark on this journey and jump over to Amazon and pick up a copy of Seekerz Intro to Family History and discover not just your family’s history, but also a world where every step of the way is a blend of insightful learning, reflective understanding, and a hearty laugh. Because, in the words of The Grumpy Old Man, understanding our past, exploring our roots, and ensuring a few giggles in the process, is indeed the best way to navigate through the maze of family history.

Note that Dale did not just write this book to read, but also to apply. He wrote Seekerz Intro to Family History with his own STIR methodology in mind. STIR being: Study, Teach, Implement, and Review.

Study: techniques and insights in this book set the foundation for your journey into Genealogy. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson. It is a study guide to be used over and over again.

Teach: if you want to lock in your knowledge, Teaching is a proven concept to learn a subject thoroughly. If you teach a friend, it is like getting two courses for the price of one book.

Implement: each chapter has a place to set goals for the following week to help you commit to using the lessons learned.

Review: once you have Studied, Taught, and Implemented, the final step is to Review your progress and determine if you need to go over a lesson or if you could think “Outside the Box” and use your newfound expertise to supercharge your results.

I have personally learned a lot from this book. Please read the chapter on Organizing twice. It will save you a lot of work and keep you sane.

Pat Smart

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