2023.06.28 – The Tapestry of Time


The Tapestry of Time
By Pat Smart © 2023

In the tapestry of time, a strand we trace,
Through winding paths of ancestry’s embrace.
From ancient roots, our stories intertwined,
In genealogy, our histories unwind.

With pen in hand, we chart their lives,
Through faded letters, records that survive.
In ink and parchment, artifacts align,
As names emerge, our ancestors define.

Each leaf of the family tree, a tale,
Of love and loss, of triumphs prevail.
The generations, woven with threads of fate,
In kinship’s quilt, a pattern create.

From distant lands, they traveled far,
By ship and horse; by compass and star.
The stories they told, of journeys undertaken,
In search of dreams, new futures awaken.

Their surnames within our bloodlines flow,
As rivers through our veins, the ones we know.
In sepia-toned photographs, we see,
The echoes of their legacy.

Now, as we stand on shoulders tall,
We honor them, who answered the call.
For every step a gift of gold,
Our roots remain, in genealogy’s hold.

In cherished memories, their spirits dwell,
Their voices whispered in the stories we tell.
United by strands of DNA,
In genealogy, our heritage we do weigh.

So, let us salute the lives they led,
The love they shared, the tears they shed.
In reverence, we carry forth their flame,
As we, their progeny, embrace our name.

Pat Smart

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