2021.09.08 – Family History Numbering Systems


Family History Numbering SystemsBy Dale E. Lee2021.09.08 Summary: Detail: If you’ve followed The Seekerz’s advice and have requested and collected all the information you can from your family, as well as near and far relatives, you’ll find that you may be getting more information than you expected. One of the most important things in Family History is to organize the information you are given. These days we are given a lot of help in automatically organizing information we put into our desktop utilities and online repositories. But what if Old Aunt Evelyn didn’t have or didn’t use a computer when […]

2024.02.14 – RootsTech 2024 is almost here


RootsTech 2024 is almost hereSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2024.02.14 It’s almost here!! RootsTech 2024 will be held February 29, 2024 – March 2, 2024. RootsTech is the largest Family History Conference in the World, and it’s back again this year! This time (2024) they again have both On-line (Free) AND In-person ($69 to $99) sessions depending on the number of days attended. RootsTech’s trending topics are: – Women/Mothers in Genealogy – DNA – FamilySearch experiences – Regional heritage around the world (Thai, Khmer, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.) – On-Demand Library – Last Year’s Sessions and Past Keynote Speakers – Among other […]

2021.10.27 – Cousin Relationships


Cousin RelationshipsBy Dale E. Lee2021.10.27 Summary: Detail: Most of us know what we’re referring to when we talk about Parents, Children, Grandparents, Grandchildren and Cousins. But what in the world is a Second, Third, or Fourth cousin? And beyond that, how do you locate a Third Cousin Twice Removed in the family tree? We know that a cousin is someone that is the child of an Aunt or Uncle, but what are second and greater cousins? It turns out that there are good reasons for being confused about how the cousin designations are described. They are not as intuitive as […]

2021.05.12 – Understanding Different Cultures


Understanding Different CulturesBy Dale E. Lee2021.05.12 Summary: Detail: Why learn about Different Cultures? Becoming effective in Family History research is more than just running database repository searches. The searches can be of great assistance, but what if they don’t find what you are looking for? Records are being added daily to their repositories, but the records you are looking for might not have been digitized and indexed yet. This is the point at which understanding Cultures and History can become important. Some world events cause migrations and it is important to see where those migrations could have lead your ancestors. […]

2021.10.02 – Writing Personal Histories


Writing Personal HistoriesBy Dale E. Lee2021.10.02 Summary: Detail: One of the most enjoyable parts of Family History is reading the personal histories of your own ancestors. These stories bring history to life, and they do so because they were part of you! The events your ancestors went through, the emotions they had, and the things they did, directly impacted where you were born and the circumstances of your life. Think of how important your own story could be to your descendants now and in the future! As you read your ancestor’s accounts you may learn surprising things in your family. […]

2021.04.21 – SMART Family History Goals


SMART Family History GoalsBy Dale E. Lee2021.04.21 Summary: Detail: One of the problems people face in Family History is that almost everyone has a different set of circumstances. Some people are just starting and don’t have family members that have done very much in creating their Family Trees, and others have had extensive work done on theirs. But regardless of where you start, it is important to be SMART about how you approach your efforts. There are many aspects and many different projects you can get involved with, and research is just one of them. For example, one project may […]

Keep on Trucking


By Dale E. Lee When you get the Genealogy Bug, you can’t put things down, and you want to do more and more to find your ancestors. It becomes interesting and exciting. But to get the Genealogy Bug, you have to put in some time and effort. There is a learning curve involved. You just need to get through it. If you’re just starting and feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t get discouraged! If you get on a project that seems overwhelming, if you just keep at it, at first, it seems hard, then as you learn more about it, the […]

2024.01.04 – My Descendant Down on Earth


My Descendant Down on EarthBy D. E. Lee, © 20232023.04.12<Republished under new title to avoid copyright contention> I see my descendant down on earth,so wrapped in daily life,He doesn’t understand the need,to find me, amid his strife, And when I do reach out to him,to ask him for his aid,He’s much to busy to pay attention,to the promptings which I made, I’ve tried to prompt him many times,I need his help to find,The documents that prove I lived,and that we two can bind, Our love for those that meant the most,to me when I was there,In the same place that […]



Activities for kids during a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Sure, a Zombie Apocalypse may be far-fetched. But, I am sure you could think of another similar situation. One, in which you may need to keep the kids entertained for long periods, say for, for example, during the coronavirus shutdown.There are copious amounts of things to do. Genealogy is for all ages, from Grade school to Teenagers, to Retirees. It is both entertaining and educational.Here are a few that you can do WITH your kids.During this time of “Social Distancing,” there is no better way to get a child to connect with their […]

You Don’t Know Who You Are Until…


By Dale E. Lee You don’t know who you really are until you know who your ancestors were. Yes, I know that’s a bold statement, but think about it. You define your ending line in life by the things you do improve your lot, but your ancestors define your starting line. Yes, these may be all hypothetical from your standpoint, they may not have happened to you personally, but they did happen to someone. And your story may be just as interesting as theirs. Your current geographical location and the opportunities you have been given are largely dependent on who […]

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