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Seekerz Intro to Family History

  • Have you ever attempted to research your Family History only to give up in frustration because of all the details others unload on you when trying to be helpful?
  • Have you ever wondered how to reduce time and avoid mistakes and rework while researching your Family?
  • Do you have a feeling you’re lacking knowledge of the Big Picture and would like to see the Framework needed to be successful?

Many people jump into the deep end of the Family History pool, not realizing they are in over their heads until they make the attempt.

Seekerz Intro to Family History can help answer those questions. Click here to purchase on Amazon (print), or here to purchase on Udemy (video streaming).

The Family History arena is evolving rapidly, and it can seem overwhelming to newcomers. This book offers twelve simplified lessons that take the reader from zero to proficiency, regardless of prior experience. It does not assume the use of particular websites or utilities. It guides the reader step-by-step through the landscape and helps them create the framework necessary to understand how to become proficient and to how to build on that knowledge in the future. It guides the reader in developing the right mindset to become successful and to greatly reduce the amount of time caused from mistakes, rework, and lack of planning. Starting with a top-down view of the terrain is always better than trying to build it from details you happen to run into. Theory is only half of learning, practice is the other.

This course can help you understand the landscape and reduce the time it takes you to accomplish your tasks.

Seekerz Intro to Family History is a course book leading the student through the process of understanding the landscape and developing approaches and methodologies for dealing with the many facets involved in Family History. If you would like an overview of the course, click here to download the course overview PDF for free.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where to start
  • How to collect info
  • How to Organize
  • Tools to use
  • How to research
  • Understanding DNA
  • Educational opportunities


  • Sources
  • Tools
  • Projects
  • Terms
  • Mindsets
  • Fun puzzles
  • Bonus materials
  • A few Dad jokes

Let Seekerz Intro to Family History help guide you on your journey. Click here to purchase on Amazon (print), or here to purchase on Udemy (video streaming).

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