2023.07.19 – Your Link in Time


Your Link in Time
By D. E. Lee,
Copyright (c) 2003

Where have the years gone?
They’ve flown by so fast!
The children were in diapers,
now that is far past,

For one small eternity,
your childhood stood still,
But each passing year,
more rapidly does fill,

A life of expectations,
of hopes and of dreams,
A fulfillment of promises,
to burst at the seams!

But hardship and trial,
were also your lot,
As no one escapes them,
like it or not!

And through the tears,
and sorrows you’ve won,
Your Link in time,
your place, bar none.

You taught your children
to follow your steps,
To avoid the pitfalls,
and shun the depths,

That they too may also,
claim their link in time,
And face life squarely,
not fearing the climb,

That link upon link,
may be forged with care,
Hope on hope,
we’ll all be there,

After this life,
a shimmering vale,
All linked in time…
eternity to sail.

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