2024.05.01 – YouTube Announcement


YouTube Announcement
By Dale E. Lee

Seekerz LLC is happy to announce that we are now on YouTube.

Our Channel is Seekerz LLC and the direct link to it is www.youtube.com/@SeekerzLLC.

The video “Seekerz Roadmap to Family History” has been uploaded to YouTube and is now available. The video is the course outline for Seekerz Intro to Family History and is available to view for free.

The course offers twelve simplified lessons that take the reader from zero to proficiency, regardless of prior experience. It does not assume the use of particular websites or utilities. It guides the reader step-by-step through the landscape and helps them create the framework necessary to understand how to become proficient and to how to build on that knowledge in the future. It guides the reader in developing the right mindset to become successful and to greatly reduce the amount of time caused from mistakes, rework, and lack of planning. Starting with a top-down view of the terrain is always better than trying to build it from details you happen to run into.

We are pleased to be able to offer Seekerz Roadmap to Family History on this popular platform and hope to be able to offer more videos related to Family History in the future.

Seekerz LLC, © 2024

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