2023.12.13 – Video Course


Just in time for Christmas

Seekerz Intro to Family History is now in video format on Udemy [Click here to see the preview].
First came in-person instruction, then in-print instruction and now in-vision instruction.

The video course includes:

• 6 hours of on-demand video
• Assignments
• Downloadable resources
• Access on mobile and TV
• Animated diagrams
• Illustrations
• And more…

Act now and save

And if you enroll in the video course by 1/12/2024, you can even get 75% off the list price as a Christmas present from Seekerz. But don’t wait until be too late for this promotion. And remember to use the links in this post, or the discount won’t apply.

Unlock Your Family’s Past

Curious about your family tree but overwhelmed on where to begin? You’re not alone.

Discover the joy of tracing your lineage without the confusion, wasted time, and frequent pitfalls many face. Let “Seekerz Intro to Family History” be your compass in this exciting journey!

Why Choose This Guide?

Step-by-Step Learning: Navigate genealogy with ease one step at a time.
• Time-Saving Tips: Bypass common errors and speed up your research.
• Insights: Understand DNA, utilize the right tools, and harness educational opportunities tailored for genealogy.
• Engaging Content: From practical tools to fun puzzles and even some Dad jokes to boot.

What’s Inside?

• Information collection & organization techniques
• Research methodologies
• Essential genealogy terms and mindsets
• Additional materials for deeper dives

You may even want keep the book handy as a reference whenever you need a refresher! Or come back to the course on Udemy at any time, it has lifetime access.

If you want to see the course on video on Udemy [Click here].
If you want to see the course in paperback on Amazon [Click here]. And click on the Kindle option when you get there, if you want it in electronic format.
And if you want a sneak peek of the course structure, [download the FREE Roadmap to Family History] now and get started on your ancestral journey!

Seekerz Intro to Family History Video Course

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