2020.11.11 – We want your Favorite Family Recipe



  • We want your recipe
  • What’s your story?
  • What’s the recipe?

We want your recipe:

We want your recipe, but not just any recipe, we want that special FFR (Favorite Family Recipe) that has been handed down all the way back from at least your Mom or Dad, or as far back in your family line as you can get.

But more important, we want the story behind the recipe. Family recipes hang on not just because they taste good, but because they create enduring relationships with loved ones. Seekerz is a Family History site and we are interested in recipes from whatever culture and whatever part of the world your heritage comes from, whether or not you currently live there. We only ask that you write your story with the view in mind that children will be visiting the site and the content must be acceptable per the Rules of Submission posted in the FAQ menu and that you certify that they are accurate and true.

We will not only post the story/recipe combinations we find interesting on the website, but we also plan to publish them in an upcoming book which we will announce in the future, depending on the response. You will retain rights to your submission (story and recipe) and Seekerz LLC will retain rights to the book as a compilation.

What’s your story?

So what IS your story?

  • Are there special memories you have of the family while making the recipe and eating it’s results?
  • Are there times when the result wasn’t so special, but it was truly memorable?
  • Is there something funny that happened while making it?
  • Do you have special memories of people you knew, but are no longer with you?
  • Did your family member come up with the recipe, or did they get it from their culture?
  • Is there a special way to make the recipe?
  • Why is it special to you?

What’s the recipe?

  • Please give the ingredients and instructions on how to create it, in as simple a format as possible. Make it easy for others to know what to do (or when they mess it up, they won’t like the result).
  • Make it simple enough for even us at Seekerz to make it, as we may actually do that, depending on the availability of the ingredients, etc.

We will choose the recipes that best fit the objective of being a Family Favorite and which we feel, in our sole discretion, would be a good fit for the book. However, you are not limited to a single submission. If you feel like we’re just not getting it, submit another, but please only submit 3 maximum, after all it should be a favorite, not just any run of the mill recipe. And remember that others will want their submissions to be considered too.

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