2023.10.11 – The Grumpy Old Man on Seekerz Training


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.10.11 The Grumpy Old Man’s thoughts on Seekerz Training, specifically, the Seekerz Intro to Family History: Beginners step by step guide to Proficiency in Genealogy course. Ah, family history! A tapestry woven with threads of distant relatives, surprising connections, and perhaps a few skeletons in the closet, just for good measure. But where does one begin to unravel such the complex, intertwined web? Fear not, for the Grumpy Old Man is here to talk with you about a book, Seekerz Intro to Family History that promises to light the path through the labyrinthine world of genealogy, […]

2023.09.27 – Regrets of a Grumpy Old Man


Regrets of a Grumpy Old ManBy Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.09.27 I had a dog. Her name was Gypsy Magic. She was my dog for about 15 years. I loved that dog. It was just me and her. It was a great time in my life. I still miss her to this day. What does that dog have to do with Genealogy? Everything. At 74, I have lived a long life and had many great exploits and feats of peril. As a young kid, I was a cowboy. I rode Bulls and Bucking Horses. I worked for a horse trader and […]

2023.09.20 – The Grumpy Old Man on AI and Genealogy


The Grumpy Old Man on Leveraging AI in Genealogy: A New Age of Ancestral Discovery I may be a Grumpy Old Man, that is true. Contrary to popular belief, all people over 20 are not computer illiterate. Granted, I am not an expert. However, I am constantly looking to educate myself. When I heard of AI, I dived in head first. Of course, being interested in Genealogy, I had to see how the combination of the two was compatible. So what did I do? I asked AI. This is what it said: Genealogy, the study of families and their lineages […]

2023.09.13 – Unraveling the Lineage of Iconic Figures


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.09.13 Genealogy, the intricate study of families and their lineages, offers more than personal introspection. It extends to understanding the familial histories of illustrious historical and contemporary figures. Examining the ancestral narratives of such individuals provides invaluable insights into how family legacies intertwine with greatness. For those passionate about genealogy, these narratives can be an important part of their ancestral journeys. 1. Martin Luther King Jr.: Revered globally for his indelible mark on the civil rights movement, Dr. King’s lineage symbolizes the African-American experience. Descending from enslaved people in Georgia, King’s ancestors underwent the trials and […]

2023.09.06 – The Grumpy Old Man’s Guide to Safeguarding Family Treasures


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.09.06 In my day, we didn’t have the cloud, thumb drives, or even CDs. No siree, our memories were captured in black and white photographs, fading letters, and dusty artifacts. And while I think kids are glued to their devices a little too much. I am, too, if the truth be known. Technology does have its benefits; especially when it comes to preserving those good ol’ family treasures. Here’s how this Grumpy Old Man suggests you handle it. 1. Organize, Don’t Agonize: The first step in safeguarding memories is not letting them get lost in the […]

2023.08.30 – Adoptee Tales from The Grumpy Old Man

Seekerz 2

By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.08.30 If you have been reading the many Tales from The Grumpy Old Man on Seekers.net, you may have noticed a common theme. I have had some experience in these matters. Here are a few Guidelines and suggestions for tracing your biological roots from one history-detective to another. Delving into genealogy as an adoptee isn’t like taking a leisurely walk down memory lane. No, it’s a journey, sometimes rugged but potentially rewarding. First, understand the rules of the land. Adoption laws differ everywhere. Some places guard adoption records like precious treasures, while others might be more […]

2023.08.23 – A Grumpy Old Man’s Take on Historical Context


A Grumpy Old Man’s Take on Historical ContextBy Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.08.23 Have you ever wondered why Great Uncle Bob always had a stash of canned beans in the cellar? Or why Grandma Maureen, in all her photos, had that look in her eyes, a mixture of determination and weariness? It is not just about having names and dates in your family tree. It’s the history, the backdrop, and the context! Understanding history ain’t just for school kids. Digging into your ancestors’ world is like adding color to an old black-and-white photo. Wars, migration, depressions – these weren’t just topics […]

2023.08.16 – Ethical Considerations in Genealogy: Navigating Privacy and Sensitivity in Research


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.08.16 Genealogy, the study of family ancestries and histories, has increased in popularity over the past few decades, the rise in DNA testing and online databases has only added to the popularity.  As exciting as it is to become a detective and piece together the mysteries of one’s past, it also comes with notable ethical responsibilities.  Diving into the past can unearth information that can be both unexpected and, in some cases, somewhat touchy in nature.  This makes it paramount for professional and amateur Genealogists alike to have empathy, respect, and discretion regarding their findings. 1.  Respect […]

2023.08.09 – The Importance of Family


The Importance of FamilyBy D. E. LeeCopyright (c), 1998 When you think back on your life,and remember what you’ve done,You soon begin to realize,the portion your family has won, For when your years at school have passed,and High School’s run its course,Your old time friends will soon depart,with or without remorse, Yet family remains an anchor still,especially when times get tough,You’ll find you’ll need them many times,whether timid or loud or gruff, And when they help you, as they should,remember what they’ve done,For friends seldom have commitment enough,to help unless it’s fun, You’ll loose your contact with your friends,but family […]

2021.11.10 – Through Ancestors Eyes


Through Ancestors’ EyesBy D. E. LeeCopyright (c), 1998 The past is not as dry as it seems, when seen through ancestors’ eyes, When viewing battles and events, their knowledge may be wise, For history comes alive when seen, from diaries, journals and such, By those who shared their daily lives, by writing in their hutch, Though writing may be crude and rough, the feelings they had are true, And things they’ve felt are much more strong, because they’re related to you, The things you’ll find you didn’t know, will surprise you as you read, You’ll find that others made it […]

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