2023.06.28 – The Tapestry of Time


The Tapestry of TimeBy Pat Smart © 2023 In the tapestry of time, a strand we trace,Through winding paths of ancestry’s embrace.From ancient roots, our stories intertwined,In genealogy, our histories unwind. With pen in hand, we chart their lives,Through faded letters, records that survive.In ink and parchment, artifacts align,As names emerge, our ancestors define. Each leaf of the family tree, a tale,Of love and loss, of triumphs prevail.The generations, woven with threads of fate,In kinship’s quilt, a pattern create. From distant lands, they traveled far,By ship and horse; by compass and star.The stories they told, of journeys undertaken,In search of […]

2023.06.21 – Remembering Your Loved Ones


Tips for the Memorialization of a A Beloved Family Member via Social Media By Davis Jameson2023.06.19 The loss of a loved one is a profound and emotional experience that can be difficult to process. In today’s connected world, social media has become a popular outlet for people to express their grief and share memories of the deceased. However, the proper and thoughtful memorialization of a beloved family member via social media can be challenging, especially during a time of grief. Here are some tips to help guide you through this process, shared with you below courtesy of Seekerz.net. Take Time […]

Happy Father’s Day from Seekerz


Father’s Lead By D.E. Lee © 1997 A Father is a man of strength, who keeps a family safe, He leads the children of his house, the way, he tries to pave, To show to them the course to go, to guide them as he can, To be examples of the right, and honorable ways of man, He grinds, exerts and works so hard, to win his daily bread, And then comes home to show his love, to the one to whom he wed, And when the things in life are hard, not everything goes right, He provides a haven […]

The Genealogy Bug is not Fatal


Genealogy not Fatal When you get the Genealogy Bug, just remember, it’s not fatal, but may be hard to shake. Select the type of button you want and its size, then click Add to Cart. Select Type, Size, and Price, then click Add to Cart. Pin 1 1/2 in. – $2.00 USD Pin 2 1/4 in. – $2.50 USD Magnet 2 1/4 in. – $3.05 USD

Finding the Nuts in your Family


Finding the Nuts Who says genealogists can’t have fun?!One way is to share the smiles with others using Button pins and Fridge magnets. Select the type of button you want and its size, then click Add to Cart. Select Type, Size, and Price, then click Add to Cart. Pin 1 1/2 in. – $2.00 USD Pin 2 1/4 in. – $2.50 USD Magnet 2 1/4 in. – $3.05 USD

Remembering Someone Special


In memory of… Remembering those that have passed can be done in many ways.One beautiful way is through Fridge Magnets and or Pins. Select the type of button you want and its size, then provideyour loved one’s name and birth and death dates and click Add to Cart. Select Type, Size, Price. Then enter the Name and Dates. Then Click Add to Cart. Pin 1 1/2 in. – $2.00 USD Pin 2 1/4 in. – $2.50 USD Magnet 2 1/4 in. – $3.05 USD Loved ones name Loved ones dates

2023.05.17 – Intro to Family History

Seekerz 1

Seekerz Intro to Family History Have you ever attempted to research your Family History only to give up in frustration because of all the details others unload on you when trying to be helpful? Have you ever wondered how to reduce time and avoid mistakes and rework while researching your Family? Do you have a feeling you’re lacking knowledge of the Big Picture and would like to see the Framework needed to be successful? Many people jump into the deep end of the Family History pool, not realizing they are in over their heads until they make the attempt. Seekerz […]

Give Mom Something Special


Give Mom Something Special this Mother’s Day. Fridge Magnets may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to remind your Mom how special she is to you on Mother’s Day and throughout the year. You can order the button below as a Pin or a Fridge Magnet, but a Fridge Magnet may be the best. Be sure to select the Type, Size and Price from the drop down list before clicking on the Add to card. Select Type, Size, and Price, then click Add to Cart Pin 1 1/2 in. – $2.00 USD Pin 2 1/4 in. – $2.50 USD Mag […]

2023.05.02 – The Grumpy Old Man Goes a Haunting


While on my journey in Genealogy, I have become interested in Gravestone Symbols and Acronyms. The more articles I run across, the more fascinating I find them. Some Gravestones have the deceased’s name, birth date, a “Dash”, and date of passing. In genealogy, dates are important, but the “Dash” between the two dates represents the person’s life, accomplishments, failures, and connection to their descendants… their Life’s story. But many gravestones have additional information, such as Symbols or Acronyms. Some symbols are as obvious as a Cross, a Star of David, or a Crescent Moon. But some are less apparent. For […]

2023.04.26 – Famous People


Famous PeopleBy Dale. E. Lee2023.04.26 OK, so here’s a fun activity. The other day my wife told me she was related to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Catherine Hepburn, and a slew of other famous people. The list she was describing got longer and less credible by the moment. However, she then said, see, just go to the FamilyTree app, sign in, then go to the menu, Family History Activities and scroll to the right for Famous Relatives. It has you sign in again, but then displays Famous People related to you. [For those signing on to your computer, go to […]

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