Activities for kids during a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Sure, a Zombie Apocalypse may be far-fetched. But, I am sure you could think of another similar situation. One, in which you may need to keep the kids entertained for long periods, say for, for example, during the coronavirus shutdown.There are copious amounts of things to do. Genealogy is for all ages, from Grade school to Teenagers, to Retirees. It is both entertaining and educational.Here are a few that you can do WITH your kids.During this time of “Social Distancing,” there is no better way to get a child to connect with their […]

You Don’t Know Who You Are Until…


By Dale E. Lee You don’t know who you really are until you know who your ancestors were. Yes, I know that’s a bold statement, but think about it. You define your ending line in life by the things you do improve your lot, but your ancestors define your starting line. Yes, these may be all hypothetical from your standpoint, they may not have happened to you personally, but they did happen to someone. And your story may be just as interesting as theirs. Your current geographical location and the opportunities you have been given are largely dependent on who […]

2023.12.13 – Video Course


Just in time for Christmas Seekerz Intro to Family History is now in video format on Udemy [Click here to see the preview].First came in-person instruction, then in-print instruction and now in-vision instruction. The video course includes: • 6 hours of on-demand video• Assignments• Downloadable resources• Access on mobile and TV• Animated diagrams• Illustrations• And more… Act now and save And if you enroll in the video course by 1/12/2024, you can even get 75% off the list price as a Christmas present from Seekerz. But don’t wait until be too late for this promotion. And remember to use the […]

2023.12.13 – Seekerz Intro to Family History


Unlock Your Family’s Past Curious about your family tree but overwhelmed on where to begin? You’re not alone. Discover the joy of tracing your lineage without the confusion, wasted time, and frequent pitfalls many face. Let “Seekerz Intro to Family History” be your compass in this exciting journey! Why Choose This Guide? • Step-by-Step Learning: Navigate genealogy with ease one step at a time.• Time-Saving Tips: Bypass common errors and speed up your research.• Insights: Understand DNA, utilize the right tools, and harness educational opportunities tailored for genealogy.• Engaging Content: From practical tools to fun puzzles and even some Dad […]

2023.10.07 – FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2024


FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2024Submitted by Dale E. Lee2023.10.07 They’re Back!! FamilySearch has announced that RootsTech 2024 is now open for Early Registration! RootsTech is the largest Family History Conference in the World, and it’s back again this year! This time (2024) they again have both On-line (Free) AND In-person ($69 to $99) sessions depending on the number of days attended. RootsTech’s trending topics are: This year’s Main Stage Keynote Speakers will be: 1) Jordin Sparks, 2) Me Ra Koh, 3) Sean Astin, and 4) Encanto’s Adassa, Chad Truman and One Voice Children’s Choir in an inspiring finale. RootsTech offers specialized […]

2023.11.15 – Genealogical Strategies to Avoid Information Overload


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.11.15 Genealogical Strategies to Avoid Information Overload Navigating the world of genealogy can sometimes feel like wading through a vast ocean of facts, figures, and historical records. It’s easy to get swamped by the sheer volume of information available. But fear not! I’m here to guide you through managing this information overload with straightforward, easy-to-grasp strategies. So let’s start the journey. 1. Develop a Focused Plan Start with a clear plan of action. Choose a specific ancestor or family line to research first. This approach is like selecting a single path to explore in a vast […]

2023.11.08 – The Grumpy Old Man’s Guide to Cemetery Sleuthing


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.11.08 Back in my day, when you wanted to get to know someone, you’d invite them for tea. These days? We go snooping in cemeteries. Ah, the sweet scent of progress! Before you raise your eyebrow at me, let me clarify: I am not talking about some morbid curiosity but rather the age-old art of genealogy. And even as an Amateur (and, might I add, rather grumpy one), I can tell you that cemeteries can be gold mines for family history enthusiasts. Allow me to enlighten you. 1. Start with the Living Before Bothering the Dead […]

2023.11.01 – Record Preservation


By Dale E. Lee,Copyright (c), 20232023.11.01 The following may be able to help avoid confusion on how to address the collection and storage of Family History records. Family History records can be of many different kinds and media. Each kind of record and kind of media may need to be handled differently. The following are some of the kinds of records and media to look for when attempting to collect Family History records: certificates, xerox copies of records, handwritten copies of records, Family Group Sheets, Pedigree Charts, family histories, personal histories, pictures, slides, cassette tapes, videos, etc. Be careful not […]

2023.10.25 – The Grumpy Old Man’s Guide to Passing the Torch


By Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.10.25 Alright, all you family historians! Grab your bifocals and put down that dusty old record because I have a thought or two about an issue I am concerned about. I am the only one in my family that is into genealogy. With all this hustle and bustle to dig up ol’ Great Great Grandpa Joe’s second cousin, if you’re going to stroll down memory lane, digging up skeletons and old family photos, you better make sure it isn’t all for nothing. Genealogy isn’t just a lonely pursuit of dead folks; it’s about living, breathing history. […]

2023.10.18 – 10 Proven Strategies to Discover Your Ancestors


10 Proven Strategies to Discover Your AncestorsBy Pat Smart,Copyright (c), 20232023.10.18 Genealogy, the study of family ancestries and histories, is a journey into the past that can bring to light our forebears’ stories, struggles, and triumphs. For many, it’s a deeply personal quest to connect with roots and understand one’s place in the continuum of family history. If you’re eager to embark on this journey but don’t know where to start, fear not! Here are ten proven strategies to guide you in uncovering your ancestral lineage. 1. Start with What You Know: Begin your genealogical journey at home by documenting […]

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