2023.08.09 – The Importance of Family


The Importance of Family
By D. E. Lee
Copyright (c), 1998

When you think back on your life,
and remember what you’ve done,
You soon begin to realize,
the portion your family has won,

For when your years at school have passed,
and High School’s run its course,
Your old time friends will soon depart,
with or without remorse,

Yet family remains an anchor still,
especially when times get tough,
You’ll find you’ll need them many times,
whether timid or loud or gruff,

And when they help you, as they should,
remember what they’ve done,
For friends seldom have commitment enough,
to help unless it’s fun,

You’ll loose your contact with your friends,
but family never leaves,
They’re there for you through thick and thin,
the safety net destiny weaves.

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