2023.03.22 – Seekerz Course Book


Seekerz Course Book
By Dale E. Lee

Last week I didn’t publish an article on the Seekerz blog. I was working very hard to finalize and publish a course book on family history for beginners.

Today I can announce I was successful and on 3/16/2023 the paperback version of Seekerz Intro to Family History was published on Amazon. This work is the cumulation of three years of effort and each of the twelve course lessons have been through Beta testing multiple times both with live audiences and over Zoom.

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Seekerz Intro to Family History solves the problem most newbies face when first being exposed to Family History, that of being overwhelmed by all the information available. The course takes the reader step by step from zero to proficiency in genealogy research. Although there is a lot of good information available on Family History, most of it is very limited in scope as compared with the broad roadmap presented by the course. Whenever starting a new endeavor it is always better to get a bird’s eye view of the terrain before diving into the details. Diving into the details too soon tends create the situation where the reader can’t see the forest for all the trees.

The idea for the course was created when a friend who was frustrated and overwhelmed by the information given him at a family history library said that what he really needed was a step by step guide to help him understand how to do Family History. After the course was created and after taking it, that same friend stated that it was exactly what he needed. Hopefully you’ll agree with his assessment.

If you’d like to learn about the course, you can go to the main page on seekerz.net and click on the button at the top with the Coat of Arms on it. Following the instructions will allow you to download a Free PDF called the Roadmap to Family History, which is the course outline. You can also click the link below to hop over to Amazon and preview parts of the book.

If you’re serious about making progress in your family history efforts and not just reading about it, I highly recommend you consider purchasing the book and putting its principles in action. (Of course I would do that, I’m the author; but click on the picture of book cover above to go to Amazon and decide for your self.)

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