2022.06.29 – Who You Are


Who You Are
By Dale E. Lee © 2022

You don’t know who, you truly are,
Until you know who, your ancestors were,
You don’t know why, you were born where you were,
Until you know why, they were placed there,
Your parents were born, in their birth place,
For many reasons, their parents knew,
Though each can choose, a course while alive,
Their parents provide, the starting line,
And so it goes, back on through time,
By passing the baton, to generations next,
Knowing who you are, and why you are here,
Is not as simple, a task as it appears,
Its reasons are buried, back deep in time,
Inviting you on, an adventure devine,
To find who you are, and where you came from,
By trekking back through, your Pedigree line.

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