2020.12.16 – Red Chile Tomato Enchiladas


Walt Turley


  • Old style with a modern twist
  • The Recipe


Old style with a modern twist

I remember my Mom putting fresh tomatoes & whole green chilies on the top of the old cast iron wood stove to let them brown, turning them periodically until the skins were darkened. Then she’d peel off the skins and put them in the colander (a old style conical strainer) to puree them until it all turned to a thick puree. Then she’d spice the puree with salt, pepper & a sprinkle of garlic, & other spices I didn’t think to pay attention to. Afterward, she would slightly fry the corn tortillas, dip them one by one into the sauce, sprinkle graded cheese & chopped onions over each layer and top it with an over-medium fried egg.

See https://images.app.goo.gl/DBmM2WrVFDqKekaL9 for an example of a colander.

Today, I take it easier on myself and make the sauce with one medium size can of any favorite green enchilada sauce, another equal size of red enchilada sauce. I then add 1 small can of thick tomato pasta, 2 cups of milk and add all to about 1 lb of fried hamburger meat. After this I dip the fried tortilla in the sauce, sprinkle the grated cheese and chopped onions on each layer as desired and top it with the fried egg cooked as desired. I also like to sprinkle a toss salad over the whole enchilada plate.

The Recipe

  • Cook in large open pan until well done
    • 1 pound of hamburger meat
  • Stir wet ingredients into meat on low heat until well mixed and heated
    • 1 medium can of green enchilada sauce
    • 1 medium can of red enchilada sauce
    • 1 small can of thick tomato pasta
    • 2 cups of milk
  • Fry tortillas
    • About 3 or 4 per person
  • Layer on individual plates
    • 1 tortilla
    • Spread a thin coat of sauce with meat on tortilla
    • Sprinkle on a thin layer of grated cheese and chopped onions as a third layer
    • Repeat until the number of tortilla layers desired by the person is reached (3 or 4 make a full meal).
  • Serve and optionally add
    • A fried egg cooked the way you like it
    • A tossed salad sprinkled over the whole enchilada plate

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