2021.09.01 – Seek for Fun 3


Seekerz Crosswordz 001
By Dale E. Lee

Note: In Family History it helps to:

  • Know basic Family History Terms
  • Know basic geography
  • Know how to use the internet
  • Remember different places have different customs
  • Hint: see Family History Terms

1 Passing beyond the veil
6 Canada
8 A record to distribute possessions after death
12 Michigan
13 Those that search for that which was lost
16 Germany (Deutschland)
17 A formal way to remember something
20 Indiana
21 A visual means of representing data
22 Mexico
23 Belgium
25 The Capital of Switzerland
27 A covenant between spouses
32 A baptism
33 North Dakota
35 One single person

1 When an event took place
2 Alabama
3 Hong Kong
4 Ecuador
5 Chile
7 A person having offspring
9 Isle of Man
10 Seek for something
11 New Zealand
14 A happening
15 France
19 An identifier given at birth
23 Having a child
24 Papua New Guinea
25 Where laid to rest
26 North Carolina
28 Alaska
30 Family Group Sheet
31 India

8 Washington
18 One single offspring
27 An event not forgotten
35 Idaho
36 Nebraska

5 Democratic Republic of the Congo
7 Pedigree Char
29 United Kingdom
34 Spain (Espana)

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